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Our Sports & Media Service

Working in professional sports or the media can certainly have its advantages, however this does add an extra level of uncertainty when dealing with your finances.


Whilst you may have a team supporting you, it is difficult to know who to open up to when it comes to your own financial matters.


At Armstrongs Wealth, we work with a variety of clients in different forms of sport and media. Our clients have worked in TV and Film and participated in the Premier League, Football League and Womens Super League.

We value confidentiality and above all, will work tirelessly to give you the best chance of achieving your own financial goals, releasing you to focus on your own career goals and be the best that you can be.

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Working Alongside You

Although you may have a team around you that may include agents and legal representatives, we are very clear in that we are working for you as the client.

Whilst we are happy to speak with your representatives to ensure we are all working towards the same goal, we will only do so with your express consent and our number one priority is you as the client.

With you for the long term

In reality, the career of a sportsperson is short. It is imperative that you be the best you can be in your chosen career path and have little time to focus on much else.

We aim to be 'financial coach' as you progress in your career, working with you to build up a plan so that when your playing career ends, you have the resources in the background to ensure that your transition into your 'life after sport' is as seamless and stress free as possible.

And we do not stop there. Whilst agents and legal representatives will generally leave once your playing career ends, we will continue working with you beyond to make sure that we continue with the plan, making changes as necessary and providing you the financial freedom to make whatever you want of your life in the longer term.


Focusing on Education alongside Advice

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You do not have to go too far to find stories of those in media and sport that have made wrong decisions with their finances.

There are a number of reasons behind this, from listening to the wrong people or not fully understanding the risks involved with an investment, but overall, we believe that this is partly down to a lack of support provided by clubs, agents and even schools for what we call 'financial education'.

This is why, we try to firstly, provide education alongside our advice.


We have been asked to provide seminars to various different sportspersons, arming them with some knowledge around financial services, which they can then use in the future to hopefully avoid the same mistakes that others have made before them.

We will continue to work with clubs and agents to provide their players with this service, alongside working with individual players to advise if and when they wish to work with us.

Expert Advisers, in Multiple Areas

Throughout the years, we have been able to support our sports and media clients with a number of different services, some of which are listed below.





If you would like to discuss any of these options or would like a confidential discussion regarding anything financial, feel free to reach out to Armstrongs Wealth Planning below:

Lifestyle counseling

Mr W, Hinckley

"Stewart easily and quickly was able to talk to me about what I was looking for and understand my situation. He talked me through my options and gave me the confidence to apply for the right mortgage for me, which was accepted straight away. I wasn't even sure I could get the mortgage I wanted but I have now been able to purchase my house."

Mr H, London

"Stewart and his team couldn't have been more patient, professional and understanding. They are very good at communicating despite me being based 100 miles away. I had deadlines to avoid losing the sale at a very busy time, Stewart pushed through the application and guided me from the beginning of the process up until the very end. I would and have already recommended to friends and family."

If you would like an initial conversation about our Sports & Media Service, please send a message below

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