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Retirement Planning

When it comes to planning for your retirement, it can be complicated and confusing.


When working with Armstrongs Wealth Planning, we will look to reduce these complications and provide you clarity and confidence in your retirement plan so you are aware of where you are headed; the changes that you can make and ultimately, what your retirement will be like for you.

Pension Review and Consolidation

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For lots of people, pensions are a mystery. They can be collected through previous employers, or from historic accounts that you no longer pay into. These pensions can be left untouched and unmanaged for decades, potentially causing financial harm to you in the long term.

Our team offer a pension research and consolidation process, whereby, we will write out to your pension providers, obtain a breakdown of its current position and then report back with our findings. This feedback will be based around four main areas;

The charges that you pay

The risk that you are taking

The performance of the funds within the pension

The service you currently receive

We will also provide recommendations that we believe could help put you in a better position to achieve your financial goal, which you are under no obligation to accept. Ultimately, by allowing us to undertake this research, you can be more informed and in control of your financial future.

Planning your Financial Journey

We work with our clients to create a Roadmap for your Financial Journey.


We use this with our clients to assess how far away they are from their financial goal and whether they are likely to achieve this earlier, or later than anticipated, or even not at all.


We use the latest technology to help forecast our clients financial future so that we can then make early interventions and make changes to their journey, to ensure that they remain on track and can ultimately reach their financial destination.

Lifestyle counseling

Our Four Step Advice Process

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Although our clients need vary from person to person, we adopt a consistent advice process to ensure that we take the time to learn about our clients needs, goals and aspirations. This process has been designed to ensure that our clients get to know us, before they choose to work with us and provides a 'no obligation' introduction to our advisers, providing reassurance and peace of mind to our prospective clients.

Mr W, Nuneaton

"I contacted the F.C.A for a list of reputable advisors. Stewart was one on the list of approved persons able to give advice. It was a good choice. Stewart's advice was first-rate. I can't rate him highly enough. He was willing to explain things so that I understood what the plans were and how I would be affected. He was always willing to answer any questions and deal with any concerns I had. Nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other potential clients."

Mr H, North Wales

"When the time came to take stock of all of my fragmented pensions, Stewart came highly recommended. Through his endeavors all was gathered in and healthy profits maintained. This was assured via his trustworthy advice, clear communication, personal service and support. He has integrity and works with (us) the client in partnership. So without any hesitation I can recommend Stewart to you; the 'stalwart' of Pensions."

Mr R, Hinckley

"Stewart has a great depth of knowledge and experience. He listened to my requirements at length before providing several options for consideration."
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