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Our Four Stage Advice Process

Although our clients need vary from person to person, we adopt a consistent advice process to ensure that we take the time to learn about our clients needs, goals and aspirations. This process has been designed to ensure that our clients get to know us, before they choose to work with us and provides a 'no obligation' introduction to our advisers, providing reassurance and peace of mind to our prospective clients.

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01 - Consultation

Our initial meeting is designed to get to know you better.  We will ask questions about your specific circumstances and take the time to understand your financial plans and goals.


Dependant on your circumstances, we may ask for your authority to reach out to your existing providers so that we can research accordingly.

This process is carried out at our cost, ensuring that it never costs our clients anything for an introductory meeting.

02 - Advice

Once we have a clear idea of your goals and your existing circumstances, we will research the options available to you.

We will devise an investment strategy that works towards your goal and document our findings in a professional report.​ By basing our recommendations on am expert strategic asset allocation, we will ensure that our research is in line with your attitude to risk.

This process is undertaken at our cost, with no charge to our client.

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03 - Implementation

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Before implementing our recommendation, we will take the time to explain our findings and detail how they fit into your wider financial plan.

We may provide further information such as a cashflow modelling forecast to help visualise your financial future.

With your agreement, we will then execute the plan and take care of all necessary paperwork.

At the end of this stage, an implementation charge will be payable, but the amount is dependant on the exact recommendation made. Generally this charge would be approximately 2.5% of the amount invested, subject to a minimum charge of £500.*

* Mortgage application fees differ.

04 - Ongoing Service

Whilst implementing the initial plan is important, it is crucial that we review this plan and make amendments where necessary.


By meeting regularly and reassessing your circumstances, it ensures that any advice provided is continually suitable and if needed, the plan can be changed. Our ongoing service provides annual review meetings and access to your adviser whenever necessary, to ensure you feel supported throughout.

The ongoing service charge would have been agreed earlier in the process and is based on an annual figure. This will generally be a percentage of the amount invested, with our standard charge being 0.85%, although this will vary dependent on the needs of the individual client.

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